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About – The Fearless Artist Popup
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The Fearless Artist empowers mission-driven artists by providing them access to coaching, to a community, and to art buyers who care about social change.

Our Story

A lawyer and event producer by training, TFA Founder and CEO Kiki Somerville always had a passion for supporting artists. In observing galleries and art events across the U.S. and the world, Kiki quickly discovered that today’s artists lacked the business knowledge to get their work seen, shared, and sold, and that she could push back against art world gatekeepers by teaching artists how to connect and tell their stories.

With this renewed purpose, The Fearless Artist was born as a community for knowledge and skill-building, making connections, and opportunities for diverse, mission-driven artists.

Since then, TFA has expanded to produce widely acclaimed popup galleries (TFAPOPUP) during Art Basel Miami (with over 12,000 visitors in 2019), as well as educational programs for young artists, and private coaching on the art business with clients.


Since 2014, The Fearless Artist Popup Gallery has been empowering mission driven artists by providing access to art buyers who care about social change. Our Gallery has featured over 300 well known international artists from Mexico, England, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, Haiti, Canada and across the United States. We work in partnership with our artists to excite their following and give them a platform to shine and connect with fans at TFAPOPUP.

TFAPOPUP “puts a spotlight on the featured art as a catalyst for community service” and “many of the…featured artists have used TFAPOPUP as a springboard to gain wider recognition, team with brands for future work and enjoy larger success.” – Ari Bendersky, Life and Money by Citi

For the 8th year of TFAPOPUPs, The Fearless Artist has TWO TFAPOPUP gallery events planned.

June 9-12, 2022: The Young Curators Showcase and Art Industry Job Fair New York, NY

November 30-December 4: TFAPOPUP during Art Basel Miami/Miami Art Week

Questions about the show? Contact maggie@tfapopup2021.com


An entertainment industry veteran, speaker, lawyer, and author with 20 years of media experience, Kiki Somerville is the founder and CEO of The Fearless Artist and the Executive Producer of TFAPOPUP, one of the most popular popup galleries in the country. 

Kiki Somerville is a graduate of The College of William and Mary with a degree in Sociology, and earned her Juris Doctorate from Fordham University School of Law. After working in the business and legal affairs departments of major companies such as MTV Networks, Sony BMG, and Austin Nichols, Kiki Somerville took a sabbatical to reside in Paris and live, write her first book, and travel the world, visiting the great museums and galleries of the world to cultivate her love and knowledge of art.

In 2009, Kiki produced her first art exhibition “Spirits of Haiti” with renowned artist Jude Papaloko “Thegenius.” In 2011, she created Fearless Artist Media/The Fearless Artist and began providing business services to major artists, writers and media personalities like Kerry Lutz, Danny Simmons, David Sena and Kenji Jasper. In 2014, Fearless Artist Media produced the first TFAPOPUP (The Fearless Artist Pop Up Gallery) to serve emerging and undiscovered contemporary artists who wanted access to exhibit during Art Basel Miami/Miami Art Week, the biggest art fair in America, which attracts over 200,000 people annually to Miami, Florida to see hundreds of exhibitions and art fairs. Since its debut in 2014, TFAPOPUP has consistently grown in size and popularity, having featured over 250 artists and regularly attracting between 500-2000 visitors daily.

In 2021, Kiki launched The Fearless Artist Young Curators program, which teaches artists and creatives the business side of the art world and how to produce a successful event. The international cohorts of students recently showed their work as part of the 7th annual TFAPOPUP event in Miami in December 2021. 


  • Sol Romanov
  • Rivka Korf
  • Moully Arts
  • Cannon Hersey
  • Jenna Cahn
  • Amelia ST
  • Jimmie Aponte
  • Dandee Warhol
  • Bianca Romero
  • Mike Olsen
  • Tommy The Animator
  • Mike Locke
  • Lobos Reincarnated
  • Alexandra
  • Brandon Tellez
  • Sophia Fiorella
  • Mia Jones
  • Hota’te
  • Camille Williams
  • Tracy Luckow
  • Anshie Kagan
  • Jon Swart
  • James Hawkin
  • Lola Jiblazee
  • Clockwork Cros
  • Johanna Tordjman
  • Bijan Machan
  • Uncutt Art
  • Chris Dykstra
  • Dakoro Edwards
  • Rob Ayala
  • Christie Ayala
  • Michelle Lopez
  • Lisa Waltuch
  • Jennifer Crute
  • Luis Zimad Lamboy
  • Byflore
  • Karen Bystedt
  • Shlomi J Hayun
  • Noah Neighbor
  • Donkeeboy
  • MasPas (Federico Frum)
  • Nathan Boskiski
  • King Saladeen
  • Knowledge Bennett
  • Sam Parker
  • John Paul Ogrodnick
  • Shanequa Gay
  • Sarle Jefferies
  • Chris Saunders
  • Ben Boskoski
  • Randy B
  • Jill Stasium
  • Matthew Burrows
  • James Sexer Rodriguez
  • Lenny Achan
  • James Dupree
  • Jason Fleurant
  • Alloyius Mcilwaine
  • Fraser Crowley
  • AngelOnce
  • Leif Mcilwaine
  • Mdot (Mischa T)
  • Rodney Allen Trice
  • Peter Robinson Smith
  • Nancy Hirsch Lessen
  • Luisa Lopez Celada
  • Michelle Lopez
  • K. Patricia Thrane
  • Andra Douglas
  • Kila Lamadora
  • Gregory Clark
  • Anisa Romero
  • Angela Yang
  • Shirley Whirley
  • Rudolph Jean Louis
  • Carlos W. Desrosiers
  • Don J
  • Ivan Orama
  • Rudy Lawal
  • Julie Lehite
  • Miscre8
  • BD White
  • Lobos Reincarnated
  • Eddy Bogaert
  • Jose De Olio
  • Tiffany B Chanel
  • Schlomit Fahima
  • Philip Marks