If the artist is not going to be present to receive their art, we will do our best to receive it for them but are not responsible or liable for missed delivery attempts. Someone will be at the gallery but some times the mail carriers still make mistakes.


5X10 wallspace, PR, Marketing, Event Admission, Installation is $1000 for the 6-day exhibition.

Size (sq ft)                    Pricing

50 sq ft                          $1,000 before Oct 13th / $1,250 after

100 sq ft                        $2,000 before Oct 13th /  $2,500 after

150 sq ft                        $2,850 before Oct 13th /  $3,550 after

300 sq ft                        $5,450 before Oct 13th /  $6,850 after

Will there be an additional fee besides the space rental?
We require the work to be inventoried and purchased through our system, this year have sales team helping sell the work, there will be an administrative fee of 15%.

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