What are the fees?

This year we have more services, but we are keeping the costs low.
5X10 wallspace, PR, Marketing, Event Admission, Installation is $1000 for the 6-day exhibition.

Size (sq ft)                    Pricing

50 sq ft                          $1,000 before Oct 13th / $1,250 after

100 sq ft                        $2,000 before Oct 13th /  $2,500 after

150 sq ft                        $2,850 before Oct 13th /  $3,550 after

300 sq ft                        $5,450 before Oct 13th /  $6,850 after

Will there be an additional fee besides the space rental?

The work must be inventoried and purchased through The Fearless Artist’s system, there will be a team of 4 sales people on the floor that will become familiar with each artist and their work. There will be an administrative fee of 15%.

Will there be insurance for the artwork?

We will carry general insurance for the space. Artists should have their own work insured.

Can we help artists do murals?

Because of our contacts in Wynwood, we may be able to help artists find murals. We don’t know for sure if we will have a mural but it’s likely we will offer our registrants a chance to work on it.

When can I have my artwork shipped?

We will begin buildout on November 23 and will be there everyday thereafter to receive artwork. Must be received by Nov 28.

Can I store my extra artwork?

If we can provide extra space we will on the basis of availability.

When does the Pop-Up close?

The Pop -up opens officially on Tues Nov 29- Sunday Dec 4, we vacate by Dec 7th.

Are there any photos?

Not yet.

Can the artists share wall space?

Sure, but we only want one check and one name on the contract per the 5x 10 space. Up to 4 artists can show on one space.

Deposits and balances

The spaces fill quickly. I would suggest artists pay IN FULL ASAP. We can accept a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold the space with the balance to paid in full by Nov 15. no exceptions or payments less than 50% of the wall space.


Can FAM help me ship my artwork home?

If FAM handles artwork, we will require advance notice and an administrative fee of 15% of the space rental PLUS shipping costs be paid by upon demand.