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Art Basel Miami 2016 Nov 29-Dec 4


The Fearless Artist Pop Up Gallery – Wynwood
The Fearless Artist will transform a 3,000 sqft warehouse, located in the heart of Miami’s Art and Design District, into an interactive art and entertainment experience featuring more than 30 contemporary artists and designers from all over the world. Last year’s successful pop up show featured 35 artists and hosted over 10,000 visitors.

From Nov 29- Dec 4, the TFAPOPUP exhibition will open to the thousands of fans and collectors visiting the area during Art Basel. Each day and night, our programming and events provide not only information and education to the art community but also hospitality and entertainment. Our show offers the opportunity for art industry professionals and aficionados, to network, engage, and connect with veteran and emerging artists.

Artists featured in 2015 included:
Cannon Hersey, Lisa Waltuch, Uncutt Art, Anisa Romero, Rodney Allen Trice, Peter Smith, Nancy Hirsch, Gregory Clark, Luisa Lopez Celada, Michelle Lopez, K. Patricia Thrane, Shirley Whirley, Rudolf Jean Louis,Carlos Desrosier, SNIPT, Julie Lehite, Dakoro Edwards, Miscre8 & BD White,Chris Dykstra, Andra Douglas.
Hutchins AMC artists Eddy Bogaert,Shlomit Fahima,Jose De Olio, and Joe Wippler “EZO”.
GOMAS of World Trade Gallery, as well as, artists Mischa “MDot” T,Don J, Ivan Orama and many more.

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5X10 wallspace, PR, Marketing, Event Admission, Installation is $1000 for the 6-day exhibition.

Size (sq ft)                    Pricing

50 sq ft                          $1,000 before Oct 13th / $1,250 after

100 sq ft                        $2,000 before Oct 13th /  $2,500 after

150 sq ft                        $2,850 before Oct 13th /  $3,550 after

300 sq ft                        $5,450 before Oct 13th /  $6,850 after

Will there be an additional fee besides the space rental?
We require the work to be inventoried and purchased through our system, this year have sales team helping sell the work, there will be an administrative fee of 15%.

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